Heathrow Airport Important Message


Important Message
10th August 2006 19:05

Due to the heightened security at UK airports, the Heathrow Airport website is currently experiencing a high level of people visiting the site.

The airport is experiencing severe disruption to its operation.

Inbound flights: Airlines are operating short-haul flights into Heathrow. Inbound
long-haul flights continue to operate but with delays.

Outbound flights: Check-in and hand search processes across all four terminals
is severely affected, and will continue throughout the evening. Passengers should
check with their airline before travelling to the airport and to expect delays. British
Airways has cancelled its short-haul departures schedule for the rest of the day.

Travelling tomorrow or this weekend? Heathrow is open and hopes to return
to near normal operations, within the new restrictions. In brief: Hand baggage
restrictions are in place; Passengers will be handsearched; Footwear and all
items (including pushchairs and walking aids) must be x-ray screened; Liquids will
be removed from the passenger. We therefore ask anyone intending to fly tomorrow
and over the weekend to arrive at the airport prepared.
This means arriving with no hand luggage and bringing
those items allowed into the cabin in a clear plastic bag.

We apologise for any inconvenience and hope to resume access to the website
as soon as possible

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